Suicidal Seraphim EP

by Frozen Infinity

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released January 7, 2006



all rights reserved


Frozen Infinity Freiburg, Germany

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Track Name: Suicidal Seraphim
Bitterness is filling me
A cold dawning
Shattered lives and broken dreams
Whitered like leaves

Here I stand in my own shade
Missed my mark it is too late
Misery is filling me
Darkness falls it's killing me

Your god's own law you shall obey
Fullfill your chores to him I prayed
There's nothing left inside my chest
Fallen from grace there's nothing left

Fallen from grace
Averting my eyes
Downcast from the heavens
Only fear and lies

Suicidal Seraphim
No strength to live no fear to die
Failing the dream
My life runs before my eyes

Cut down your wings
Once soaring high above
When shrieking winds sing
Your life-essence fails

Committing the first deadly sin
The first deadly sin
As red blood flows I hear me scream
Searing pain

Manmade steel angelic flesh
Divine essence diabolic crash
My vision blurs I cannot see
Is it real the pain I feel

I cut my throat I cleanse my soul
A servant who has failed his master
Next station now is the gallows pole
Falling down toards desaster

Drowning in hate
I hate myself
Hope fading away
Towards a bitter halt
Track Name: Neverending Story
Living a life so meaningless
The same tragedies day after day
Obeying the rules that they have made
Condemned to be their mindless slave

No chance to escape, lest the will to flee
Growing in my mind, brings me to see
The confines of this cage that I have built
Keeps me trapped till my fate's fulfilled

It's a neverending story
This misery repeating every day
Through this neverending story
This life is killing me

Stay right in line, obey and shine
Never think for yourself, ignorance divine
They take care of your needs even when your heart bleeds
The longing for a superior being

Desperate cries calling through the night
Lacking the will to stand, the will to fight
Complete assimilation, so much to fear
Complete desperation, it's so much to bear

Desperate cries calling through the night
The longing for a superior being
Track Name: De|Motion
What have I become
What have you done
All your fucking lies

Vengeance is born
Feed my darkest side
Which is consuming me
Generates a hate I cannot handle

Can you feel the pressure of the path that has been set
Trapping your emotions in a cold and heartless web
Perfect equilibrium of efficiency and pride
Standing amidst the masses side by side

What is the thing you fear
What's life worth living for
Life is what you'll lose
If you just go on

What is the thing you fear
What's life worth living for
Life is what you'll lose
With this demotion

All emotions dead
In my heart of steel
Their eyes can not see behind my shelter

No- You can't drag me down
All my fear is gone
Emptiness takes place
All for nothing

Black and cold no light to shine
No fear to cramp my intestines
No love to fill my darket hours
No longing pain my heart devours

For dead inside you volunteered
Chosen still but without heat
Forsaking all your feelings
The perfect and serene human being

Can't you see you can't go on
Emotionally dead and drawn
Into a circle of defeat
Of deficiency and greed

The things that make us human
Our very own weak spots
Are what make this life worth living
No matter what's the cost