Fragments Of I

by Frozen Infinity

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released April 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Frozen Infinity Freiburg, Germany

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Track Name: Fragments Of I (Intro)
Track Name: The Shattered Image
I take a look inside and see
The shattered image that is me
The feral beast that lies within
Hidden beneath buried dreams

The burning ache and strain on me
The beast is trying to break free
Can't loose hold of my mind
The essence of me screaming flight

Introspective Suicide
Need to know the reason why
Not even I do know myself
A hidden part of my soul

Never thought to find
Such desires in my mind
The rage that burns inside
Is breaking out tonight

Fractal fears and thoughts of hate
Screaming terror burning pain
Now I look inside and see
The shattered image that is me

Black to white and white to black
There is no way no way to turn back
There is no way for me to see
The shattered image that is me

Everchanging shifting me
Never winning never free
I'm a stranger in my own mind
The inner eye seems to go blind
Track Name: To Betray...
Feeding hate from your defeat
Emptiness of spirit falls
Never to be known again
Not to live alone again

Frenzied lust for enemies
Hatebred fear from own beliefs
Never to be heard again
Not to die alone again

After all is said and done
When self-esteem has been forced to knees
The only thing that's left is
To betray the hand that feeds

When you're standing all alone
When it is your soul that bleeds
The only thing that's left is
To betray the hand that feeds

Fear of fear and fear of hate
Emerge the spitting beast inside
Fear of death and fear of life
No road to run the time is nigh

Leaving out the sense of sight
Taste the flesh be scourged inside
Never to be heard again
Not to see the light again

Silent screams ring through the night
Blessed be or damned to hell
Whether or not it's what you like
You are going down alone

For your crimes your faith will fall
Ever running but too late to see
You were not born at all
You're just another fallen star

Falling into a sea of rage
Lifeblood's boiling inside me
Never to be born again
Not to die alone again
Track Name: For Those Who Died
Do you want to know
Where you're coming from
Do you want to know
Where you're heading

When it all fades to black
When it all turns to white
Your dreams dissolve
Into emptiness

What is this hate all about
Why do you always scream and shout
Faithless bastards
Loyal only to your own kind

The collective hive
Of the rotting mind
Cattle for the slaughterhouse
A game of flesh and death

This is for those who died
The ones left behind
On the battlefield
Born from greed and hate
False believers
Following a dead voice in me
Following the dead god in me

Follow your instincts
Create a bitter world
Built on the bones and skulls
Of your enemies

The strong will survive
Inbred moral deficiency
Hyperhuman burning twice
As fast as supernovae

Join me on a rollercoaster ride
Through hell
Through your
Subconscious mind

See the terror that awaits
Deep down
In the depths of your
Mindless zombie brain

Call out for your dark side
Embracing violence and hate
Now look into
My eyes and see

The monster you've become
Reaction comes too late
No turning back
No way to flee

Every time you stop caring
You're creating one of these
The faceless masses that will die
For your paradise

A paradise built
From your insanity
Ethereal like a ghost
As fragile as a shadow
Track Name: Neverending Story
Living a life so meaningless
The same tragedies day after day
Obeying the rules that they have made
Condemned to be their mindless slave

No chance to escape, lest the will to flee
Growing in my mind, brings me to see
The confines of this cage that I have built
Keeps me trapped till my fate's fulfilled

It's a neverending story
This misery repeating every day
Through this neverending story
This life is killing me

Stay right in line, obey and shine
Never think for yourself, ignorance divine
They take care of your needs even when your heart bleeds
The longing for a superior being

Desperate cries calling through the night
Lacking the will to stand, the will to fight
Complete assimilation, so much to fear
Complete desperation, it's so much to bear

Desperate cries calling through the night
The longing for a superior being
Track Name: Nevermore
This is the dawn
Of a new age
This is the red
Of the flames of the end

The age-old structures
Are crumbling down
There is no time nor place
Like the here and now

Join the banner cast aside
The chains that hold
Join the banner cast aside
The ties that bind

Scream defiance it's too late
Never again shall we be downcast again
Scream defiance hear our hellish roar
Hear us shouting

Scream defiance it's too late
Frozen Infinity is on the rise again
scream defiance hellish roar
Hear us shouting nevermore

Enclosing mindscapes
Heartblood flows
With the wrath that
Makes you rise

Now hear our voice
Dance to a different tune
Instinct demanding
That senses fail

They say you are alon
Noone by your side
Now it's time to take revenge
Now is our time to fight

We will lead and you will follow
Together for the promised land
Through the ruins of mankind fading
We are here to make our final stand
Track Name: Godless You
This is the new me
Purified and whole
Since I began believing
The lies that I have known

Have become the enemy
Their teachers telling lies
Of our eternal heritage
And punishment divine

Blinded dumbfucked fool
Believing all the lies
Of our eternal heritage
And punishment divine

The shattered ruins of your life
The crying of the victimized
The screams of thousands crucified
The single reason god

Do not try to reason
With my holy self
I am far superior than
Descendants of apes

Ignoring all and everything
That won't fit into my
Constructed little world
I'm preaching hate and fear
Track Name: Suicidal Seraphim
Bitterness is filling me
A cold dawning
Shattered lives and broken dreams
Whitered like leaves

Here I stand in my own shade
Missed my mark it is too late
Misery is filling me
Darkness falls it's killing me

Your god's own law you shall obey
Fullfill your chores to him I prayed
There's nothing left inside my chest
Fallen from grace there's nothing left

Fallen from grace
Averting my eyes
Downcast from the heavens
Only fear and lies

Suicidal Seraphim
No strength to live no fear to die
Failing the dream
My life runs before my eyes

Cut down your wings
Once soaring high above
When shrieking winds sing
Your life-essence fails

Committing the first deadly sin
The first deadly sin
As red blood flows I hear me scream
Searing pain

Manmade steel angelic flesh
Divine essence diabolic crash
My vision blurs I cannot see
Is it real the pain I feel

I cut my throat I cleanse my soul
A servant who has failed his master
Next station now is the gallows pole
Falling down toards desaster

Drowning in hate
I hate myself
Hope fading away
Towards a bitter halt
Track Name: After The Storm
Silence is creeping
Over the battlefield
The world seems to
Hold it's breath

Sorrow is our
Sweet companion
And everyone's
Awaiting his death

And when the horns begin to blow
We know our end is near
We're awaiting the storm
And we know our end is near

After The Storm
There is silence
Just a fading cry
From the mirrors other side

After the storm
There is silence
And all my dreams
Have been washed away

There comes the
Sign to attack
The air is filled
With our battlecries

Soon we'll look down
From the heavens above
To the field where our
Dead bodies lie

And when the
Battle is won
We raise our swords
To the sky

We're crying out
For revenge
And see the
Fading gods cry
Track Name: The Fall Of Mankind
Shining in unholy light of our pseudo-advantage
We don't realize the measures of the future we conjure
Academic holocaust the final stand of human being
Any alleged step to perfection's spreading the disease

Unrestrained avarice thinking we would become gods
Blinded by the foolish thought that we would never fall

This will be the fall of mankind
Nothing's left besides a shell
You will pay for your destructive hubris
Nemesis will come straight over you

The sequels are unbearable
Never born to get divine
Life is just a one-way ticket
Nemesis will come - time to resign

Killing raping blood for lorrdship every second every day
Insatiable lust for knowledge feeding the virus of decay
Live for oneself love means weakness sympathies just bold-faced lies
Selfishness became a virtue charity a sly disguise

Growing older getting stronger consequences marginal
Purity of nature's fading tattered and torn away
Ignorance against existance callousness through mortal greed
Self-inflicted isolation ill by excess death by pride
Track Name: The Everwicked
Roaming through the night no chance to hide
Knocking on your door what are you waiting for
Gleaming evil eyes watching from behind
A cloak of shadows worn your soul forever torn

Waiting in the shadows of your dreams
I know each of your secret fears
When I finally take control of your soul
You'll pay the ferrymans toll

Outside this world you're living in
Lies a land of broken dreams
A world of raging fear
Where my dominion is getting near

Quench my thirst my lust for power your stillborn soul is ill-denied
I am the one that drags you to eternal night
I am the enemy I roam the world planting evil seeds
I am the void I am the place where good and evil meet

I am the puppetmaster drawing the strings to your defeat
I am the fearinflictor your fear it is from which I feed
I am the enemy playing an ironic role
I am the everwicked I've come to take your soul

Multidimensional being
You don't know where I've been
The laws of time and space are at my command
I destroy what you try to defend

Lurking in the shadows my realm you obey my calling
When I finally feast upon your mind
God averts his eyes
Deaf and blind as he is he can't hear your cries
Track Name: Man Or Machine
Endless longing for improvement
No longer satisfied
What we were born with

Enchanging ourselves
Getting stronger day by day
The weak will be killed
The strong will be filled with pride

Choose your side, your might
Feed your mind with thoughts
Of supremacy, of threatening morality

Trapped inside this life
Our future is coded in a chord
Of selfdestructive DNA

Nature's laws have become obsolete

Man or machine
Destroying our believes
Devastating our life
Trapped outside Paradise

Growing older day by day
Defeating death
Holding him at bay

Held in sway of the decay
Our body is a temple
Of mindborn blasphemy

Half life of time, downfall society
Leading the rats to come forth
And devour our sanity

Our memories fade, our history repeats
Coding the future in a chord
Of selfdestructive DNA
Track Name: Dreaming Of Entropy
The voice of all reason
Mistress of the laws
Physics embodied eternally
Power old and raw

Aeons count for nothing
Existance outside time
Beckoning to despair
Engulfing flames of hate

Order questions the reason to live
She is asking for a new guide
Turning passion into apathy
Uncut jewel like a newborn child

Weeping alone in a moonlit night
Order seeking new ways
The end of the beginning beginning of the end
Dreaming of entropy

Escaping her own judgement
Into the realm of dreams
She was never able
To close her eyes and stop to see

Imagine the ability
Of innate immortality
Never to die and to forget the pain
The Pain that you have seen

There's no way out of this hell
No way out of this life
Neverending misery
Bring it to an end

She's calling out to chaos
To her friend and arch-nemesis
Conflicting principles
That can't exist alone

And so she stands at the brink of the destruction of her mind
Tears roll down from her eyes containing the seeds of a new